He Was Revealed in the Flesh

+ He Was Revealed in the Flesh We know from the Holy Scriptures that “God is Spirit” (Jn. 4:24) that is why none of us can see God while we are in the flesh. Also it was said in the Scripture “For no one shall see Me and live” (Ex. 3:20). But due to God’s love for man “For God so loved the world” (Jn. 3:16) He introduced Himself to us taking our flesh so that we may know Him and may have eternal life in Him, i.e. to return to the original image of the perfect man whom He has created. As we say in the hymns (He took what we have and gave us what He has). St. Athanasius the Apostolic gave this parable about the purpose of the Incarnation of God saying, “A king has a son who was traveling to a far away place. Due to the love of the king to his son,
he brought an artist to paint a good picture of his son to remind him of his son. The artist painted a true picture of the son.


After the son left it happened that the picture was spoiled. The king became sad and asked the artist to restore the picture to its original condition but the artist couldn’t do that unless he sees the son again. When the son came back, the artist wanted to damage the old picture but the father refused claiming the picture reminded him every day of his beloved absent son, so
the artist had to fix the original picture in reference to the true person, i.e. the king’s son”. We were created according to the image of God but sin spoiled our image. God, due to His love and care, sent His Son to restore His true image once again in us.

That is why it is good to say with the Scripture, “Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh” (1Tim. 3:16). In His Incarnation, He (as St. Athanasius says) is like the good teacher who came down to the level of his students to lift them up to his level. That is why the Scripture says, “The Word became flesh” (Jn. 1:1). Is it possible for God to be a man and God at the same time? We can know the answer if we take the example of the sound and light waves, which exist all around us in the air. If we adjust the wavelength of our radio or TV to receive these waves, they will be transmitted into pictures and sounds which could be detected by any one everywhere while they still exist and are not consumed.

Another question about the glory of God, How can He take the form of dirt? Does this affect His glory? St. Athanasius answered this question also giving a parable of the sun when its rays fall down on a pile of dirt or garbage; it will purify this pile while it remains the same, with all of its power and shine. Someone may ask how God’s Incarnation protected you and me? The answer is given also by St.

Athanasius when he gave the example of the king’s dwelling in one of the city houses protects all the city houses even if the residents are not careful to protect their houses, the king will care. Also when God accepted to dwell in the womb of St. Mary, taking our nature from her, our nature became protected also by Him. Like a piece of straw, if it is thrown in the fire will become burned, but if it is coated with asbestos, the fire will not affect it. God’s Incarnation benefited humanity not only in redemption but also in giving us protection and
possibility for eternal life in Him. That is why it is good to say with the angels, “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Lk. 2:14) On the Epiphany Day we celebrate God revealing Himself in His Three Hypostases. The heaven is opened announcing its pleasure to accept us back through the Son, the Father is pleased to forgive us through the Son of
Whom He is well pleased, and the Holy Spirit descending down as a dove (cymbal of peace) to announce His acceptance to dwell in us once again through redemption and resurrection of the Son, making us a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit. Congratulations for the January Feasts (Nativity, Circumcision, Epiphany, and The First Miracle of The Wedding at Cana of Galilee). January 2012,Touba 1728 +

Fr. Marcos Girgis

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