ANBA ABRAAM: The Friend of the Poor

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By: Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty
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This book, which is in your hands, is not merely a collection of stories and narrations about our father, “Anba Abraam,” but it is an attempt to reveal the life he had lived in his innermost soul. How pleasant to the soul it is to be free from the bands of earthly life, enjoying calmly the biographies of the holy fathers, tasting the sweetness of the work of Christ in the life of His children, and smelling His essence through their behavior. Indeed, it is very difficult to express in words the reality of the secret life, it can be practised but not related, the heart can feel what the tongue fails to express! The biography of “Anba Abraam” is a life and fellowship with the Lord. Its flavor has been diffused in every home in Egypt, and its fragrance has emanated in all the Eastern world. Some Western persons loved him, cared to visit him, and get to know more of his saintly life. The famous writer “Leeder,” heard about him from some western Catholic people, and hastened with his wife to visit Egypt, in order to meet the old saint, and the bishop of Fayoum.